Suffering From Intellectual Withdrawals!

Oh, how I need this, but by saying this am I being too cocky or snobbish? Am I looking down on my family and some friends? Most of my friends offer the intellectual conversations that my mind yearns, but family life is extremely lacking. I am the first in 4 generations to even get accepted let alone graduate college and I feel that I'm looking down on my family when I don't care to join their conversations of mediocrity. I'm careful never, ever to correct the lack of grammar and never to downplay their opinions, but I sit there and listen to their conversations and I just want to yell, "Hey, there are more important issues in the world, in politics, and life in general than whether or not you should have an accent wall in the living room!!!!"

Orkaprol Orkaprol
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Lol Orkapol, I know how you feel. But at least you have a family, have had relationships. I'm just 21 and live in South Africa. The girls down here are hyperly superficial. I got even get into a relationship. They cant even withstand a conversation with me. Its really funny...!!!!!

What do you think? should i get a girlfriend who is stupid and only wants money or social status, or find someone who is an idealist who will love an ideal more than me.

I wish i could find a woman who cared more about ideals than social relationships, but alas "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"....none can be found

Good luck with your son, and well done with the college

God be with you

I think it's important to accept there is legitimacy in areas other than intellectualism. I can recall times after coming home from advanced and competitive schooling finding my family life small and without vision. But I failed to notice at the time that there were still things to be learned at home. It just didn't involve philosophical arguments. Even if it was paying attention to my parents' mistakes so that I could avoid them, I found some of the information I gleaned from them useful. Every situation is different. That's just my experience. Sure you've gleaned all you can from your family life? If so you're far more along in your understanding of the world than I. If not, feel free to reflect. :)

I have a similar experience but in my case my family and many of my friends are highly educated, still, they have lost their intellectual curiosity. Worse yet, my dad and step mom have become conservative Republicans and they get their ultra warped view of the world from so called FOX News. They refuse to engage in a genuine discussion and in minutes they become condescending and rude. Back to talking about the weather and the endless house renovations that preoccupy their lives. <br />
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I'm 40 and I have reached a point where many of the people in my life lost the genuine intellectual curiosity they used to have years ago. It leaves us little to talk about that I find engaging and interesting. I can no longer stand the endless cliches and trite comments that they mistaken for meaningful discussion. It is a good reminder not to do the same to ourselves. In the mean time I am dying for a good conversation.

My father 'n law - a very staunch Republican - replied in the front of my son, "Don't bother sending the boys to college. Send them to a trade school so they can earn more". Needless to say, him and I don't have many conversations.