The Phrontistery

I've often been consulted by those wishing to express their love for a particular word, such as defenestration, sesquipedalian, syzygy or aglet. While these are all fine choices, I've chosen fifty of my favourites from the International House of Logorrhea and put them here, with pronunciation, etymology and full definitions. Some of the criteria that I use to find a really great rare word are:

it has to be pretty rare (less than five occurrences per 1 million words of text);
it should be very euphonious (it has to sound good);
it should be of use in a modern context, if not necessarily usable on a daily basis;
it should not have a simple one-word synonym;
it should not be so long and complex to be useless in conversation.
The majority of the words are nouns (most rare words are), though there are also verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Most are derived from Greek or Latin, though with a smattering of French, Italian, Arabic and, of course, native English terms.

THE PHRONTISTERY a thinking-place [Gr Phrontisterion from Phrontistes a thinker, from Phroneein to think]


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Mar 27, 2009