I Need A Kiss

I am 14 years old and I haven't had my first kiss yet... :( Actually, I am in love with a guy that I could never kiss, as he is married.... :( I would like to fall in love with someone else of my age, but even if this happens, I don't think that he is likely to feel something about me, because I am ugly and have no self-confidence. I am sure that I will never have that so amazing first kiss that everyone talks about. I feel that I will be forerever alone and unloved... I am very sad. What do you think I sould do?
JoannaBz JoannaBz
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Chill out yo! Stop watching movies with romantic ideas and all that crap. You are too young for all that stuff. Why do you think it will never happen? How can you be so sure? Can you somehow see into the future? If not then you have no idea what you will experience later on in life. Nobody can predict the future. Never doubt that your future will be bright, this will help make you feel better. Always have good idea that your future will be good no matter what is or isn't happening to you right now.
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