When it comes to love this is my desires.
Prefer country , or mix of city/country
I dont like cigarettes, or drugs
A great sense of humor,witty, fun.
Do desire a woman which can blend
Loves animals
Likes camping/ boats
BBQ,catfish,Mexican,Italian,comfort food
Comfortable in Embassy Suite or tents
Drinking yes or no
Loves to cuddle
Loves kids
Not a chronic fuss box
Now if I had my pick of my dream goddess this is her, but not likely so I will adapt as long as she is a true love.and will love me.
lonelyheart1967 lonelyheart1967
46-50, M
5 Responses Aug 17, 2014

This is so perfect.

Yes you are

Such a nice though !!! Yu shall find her n she will exceed every expectation!!


Not a fuss box... That one cracked me up. :)

So nice,. I hope you will find her soon...