Love Keeps No Record Of Wrongs!!!

The most common trait of the historical mate is exaggeration. An exaggerator is quickly spotted by his/or / her frequent use of the words 'always" and "never." The exaggerators's statement looks like this: "You always come home late." "You never take out the trash." 'You  always just sit on your duff and watch TV.." "You never want to talk about it."  .......Those statement are pritty big assumptions. Even if you are home on time 9 times out of 10, the exaggerating spouse  can make it seem as if you are late five days a week. You may take the trash out 99 times  out of 100, but forget once and your historical mate gose through the roof remembers the 6 times between the years of 2006 and 2009 when you forget to take out the trash....... It's almost intolerable for me and or you to experience this aloneness, I would say. Aloneness is almost like rejection.  It's almost like death. Right now, not just low self-esteem, a lot of tortured feelings and termendous feelings of inferiority. Every now and then they go dead, that is how I can feel. They'er rev ved up in a sense. There's not an easy way for most people to understand that. however, I recoginze, I perhaps know for sure ... when I come to meet people in my kwantlen polytechnic university, or other social places like my love for politics and executive meetings, I tell my heart that I can't let those people in to my real life as it is, because I tell me brain to think it's better if thay don't know what is realy going on in my world, I guess I get worry about it , I worry that I could  and would Care...about  the friend, just to have them say get out of my life............. the details are, I can't stand my reasoning process, pushing people away knocks me down, (mentaly) this has  done nothing good for  my personal feelings. all in all....... I've become this way.......but I want more out  of my life.. I want to try a new approach, like someone else  could in the way they do life,  The reason?.......I find it difficult.........I feel at times I'm losing,   Kristen.   (do you feel the  same way?)
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I know how you feel because I myself am one of them lonely ones in a crowded room!!It is hard to find likeminded people who share the same views!Especially if you are intimidating in some way or another though not intentionally! I have let my emotions show on my sleeves and have had people relate but in the end,nobody can seem to handle me or take in the energy I put out!!Maybe I did this to myself but I have always kept to myself and gave up the hopes of anyone truly understanding where I come from and I have no place where I belong!I am an alien or I feel like one!!We have our battles and if loneliness is the only way for me then so be it.I will find my own way home and when I die I will be free from these tormenting mortal chains!!Your story has alot to say and you have made your point clear!!Very well done!CHEERS!

yes, I find, I always feel better then somebody, or less then somebody never just the same

Wow ok I have had this conversation with a few people in my life that when they say "always" or "never" that it is just so far off ba<x>se.One time i remember thinking to myself ok I have not missed a week of taking the trash out to the curb for trash pick up day in a very very long time and yet i am sure i will be told i always forget.Sure enough about two weeks later that person asked me ":you need to take the trash cans out to the street because you will forget like you always do".I must admit that kinda irks me.<br />
On your other topic of being alone equating to rejection,it really is one rejecting themselves because if they push people away or will not allow someone close then they are rejecting themselves usually.There are reasons for turning people away but not if one pushes everyone away.<br />
Loneliness is unhealthy because it causes too much stress on the body and mind.I think having someone to talk about what goes on in your brain would be a good start to living a healthier and better life.We don't all have to agree with each other on every topic but it would be better to have a someone close to us that we disagree with one somethings as opposed to having no one.<br />
You seem like a very bright,educated and quality person.I think you should tear some walls down and let a few if you can or perhaps just someone to be close to you and enjoy that.<br />
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.Hope you write more.