Where It All Began

I can still see that day play out in my mind like it happened yesterday morning. I'm not going to go into to much detail about it but I was only a kid less than ten yrs of age when my dad became obsessed with my weight. Mind you I was your normal average weight kid. Maybe my cheeks were a lil pudgy. And maybe I had a lil pudge around my tummy. Not over weight by any means. I can't tell you how that day changed my life. The next few inbetween years my parents divorced and the separation was already enough on my child like mind I didn't understand what was happening. All I knew was I didnt like it. In that time my dad would tell me how fat I was and how no one would love a fat girl like my mom. As these years went by and I felt sad my dad called me fat but my attention never stayed on it to long as I was a kid with only one thing on my mind I wanted to play. That's what kids do. Anyways I was almost a preteen when things started getting worse. By this time I was used to the separation and spending a week with mom and a week with dad. I dreaded those weeks with dad. I just knew he would say something about me being fat again and talk about my mom in negative ways. I hated it, those words still linger in my mind to my day things he said about me, to me, of me. Of my mom. I just didn't get it I thought my dad was suppose to love me and be my hero. Anyways so now my dad decides to start me on "workouts". Weights, exercise videos, running.. You name it and that's what he had me doing. Every morning of the 7 days of every other week I was there he would weigh me. This is where it all started for me. This is where I started to loathe myself. This is where I was a child of imperfection.
Fateovafatgirl Fateovafatgirl
22-25, F
Jan 24, 2013