A Person Needs To Be Loved For Who They Are......

 When you meet someone, fall in love with them, start a life with them....years down the road your still together..do you ever look back and ask your self what was it that made you want to spend your life with person? do you love them for WHO THEY ARE? I see it so many times...people get with their person..and then right away they want to change them, why? you have to love them for who they are, or do not be ith them...sure they can make a few comprimises, but to try and change who they are, that can't be right..if they want to change..great.

 I need to be loved for who I AM, I have had past relationships try and change me into something I am not...and it did not turn out very well...you either love me for who I am, or do not be with me..and yes...I have made little comptimises along the way, that is fine, but to actually try and change me...no....you either love the person for who they are, or do not be with them, that is who they are, it attracted you to them in the first place.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

Well said Sassy. I wouldn't dream of trying to change someone ... we all adapt and flow with each other during a relationship ... it's inevitable and is one of the nice things about being with someone ... how you can mirror each other ... but that's not the same as trying to change someone against their will. The person you initially fall in love with is there with us all the time ... trying to mould them into something else just causes resentment.