Some Things Are Best Kept Secret

Once upon a time there lived a pixie called twisty. He was very bendy and could climb trees and branches with ease, he hopped from one mushroom to the next always happy and full of energy from the elixir of flower juice made by his mother Flothilda who was a wise herbal medecine woman from the south borders of Farmer flagbacks Farm.

She lived amongst the wild flowers in the forests skirting the farm and Twisty would visit her everyday for a thimble full of elixir, which he called "Lixi" for short. It was a drink made from the juice of Daffodills.

Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies all came to drink from Flothildas brew of elixir and she was delighted to stand amidst floral rock tables stocked with lexi  with Twisty lending a hand, he was particularly good at getting the drinks out fast ready to serve the next sprite.

One day as they prepared for the days business, a small squirrell scurried over the tree roots circling the flowers and said "Finula's coming this way, Finula's coming" with that Flothilda scurried under moss covered pebbles, as Twisty leapt into the lower branch of an apple tree.. Finula was Farmer Flagbacks daughter. She knew the woodland very well and had spotted Twisty many times as he tumbled through the trees, the community was nervous in case she became too curious and led humans to this sacred place.

Her small voice called happily "jumpy man, Jummmmpy mann"  Twisty turned and smiled as he saw her running towards him, a tiny piece of chocolate in her outstretched hand..."" he swooped down and landed gently beside her carefull not to get swatted by the awkward movements of a four year old child

Where Finula was, her mother was never far behind....Kathleen moved swiftly through the grass field eyes firmly fixed on her little daughter...she stopped quite a few feet away and seemed happy to keep an eye on Finula who watched spellbound as Twisty ate his chocolate...too small to be seen by Kathleen who wondered what held her daughters attention and thought it was perhaps a ladybug

The sun shone through the leaves casting dappled shadows and a soft breeze whooshed through the flowers creating a mexican wave of colours....Finula made one sudden lunge towards Twisty and clasped her chubby hand shut trapping him so his head peeped out, "aaah he screamed, half laughing half frightened...let me go!  "ha haaa" she chuckled and began to run back towards Kathleen with Twisty gripped tightly in her tiny fist...somewhere in the back of his mind he heard his father say "see how Twisty you are now, stupid boy" and for the first time in his life, Twisty was stuck.

Kathleen sped towards her daughter and said "what have you got there?"  "Jumpy man" she replied and lifted Twisty up...right under the enquiring nose of Kathleen who peered at him incredulously...." that...." she said "Jumpy man" replied Finula eyes blazing with pride  "open your hand darling so mommy can see" the child loosened her grip and Twisty struggled to break free, suddenly his legs sprang free and he jumped as high as he could out of her hand and into the grass...Kathleen screamed "Oh my God it's a little pixie"  "it's a little Pixie"   Flothilda cried out and tried to go and help her son but a Gnome held her back...Kathleen trapped him again this time with a huge adult hand over his exhausted pixie body...

He woke up as this same hand put him back down in a soft moss cavern under his mother's tree...." This is his home Finula, and we must put him back here where he lives, let him sleep" she took her daughter by the hand and they slowly moved away smiling and chuckling under the canopy of the forest...He noticed they seemed very close and very happy as they skipped across the field...and Kathleen turned back to look at Twisty as he climbed the branches back to his home...she said "don't worry, Jumpy man...I won't tell anyone and will keep this place as it is, so you can live in peace"  she picked up Finula in her arms and kissed her face and smiling they returned home to Farmer flagback...."whay are you two grinning like barn cats?"  " we were in the glade, it's beautiful there....
"oh yeah? the glade eh?  it's nice this time of year alright......

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Nice though I liked the other one better , but then I guess you are experiementing with different generes

Lovely!Thank you :)

A very fun read. I'm glad the story has a happy ending. Oh, wait! It's not just a story. You were the little girl, right?

Hi elixabelle<br />
Great story. I am interested in fairy lore of Cyprus. There fairies are quite troublesome and are placated in a ritual each new year.<br />
Best wishes<br />