Need A Sense Of Accomplishment

I know that doing things will give me a feeling of accomplishment, a rewarding feeling and a sense of pride. I try to advance in my projects, but it's still a struggle. I feel I am too badly on my own - no one is there to tell me what to do. So all is up to me. I have to get organised, fight procrastination and laziness, and set plans - all on my own. I suppose I need a life coach, or a person who will give me "homework" and check on me, so that I keep motivation. I need someone to show my work to, someone who can be constructive with me and monitor my progress.
I am kind of waiting for synchronicity. I am changing my thoughts for more positive ones, because thoughts, as I learned, bring about circumstances. A lot of working on the inside is going on right now. Trying to feel good in order to do something. But I also know that doing something will make me feel good. I feel my life needs to take a new turn, and I don't know how to name this turn. Need a confirmation almost, that what I am doing is in the right direction, otherwise there is this overwhelming feeling that I am nowhere.
I guess the key is more mindfulness. I heard a sentence like: "If high standards are important to you, apply them to all aspects of your life". I'll try now to have a good teatime, with quality in mind. LOL But it's true, - the more attentive we get, the more the observer in us becomes receptive to new things that we were just looking for.
It seems like all the cool stuff is always in the future, always with an "if". But it's not true. IT IS HERE RIGHT NOW! When will I get it? I guess writing this is a confirmation of my intention, so to say the truth, I feel more strengthened now, and the music in this coffee place coincidentally changed to a more pleasant one. ;) God is nice to me. . . I know He is. . . Give me homework, God! I need direction!
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26-30, F
Jul 25, 2010