What Do I Buy???!!!!

I love my boyfriend to death.  But it's so hard finding a gift for him.  He just got a really great job... so he buys everything he wants and is still able to save!

It's not fair. He's already bought me 2 Christmas gifts.  And he's making me a bunch of DVDs... and he bought my parents a gift... expensive.  And I just...it's only 2 days until Christmas and I can't even think of what to get him.  There's a blizzard out there.... I can't order anything.  Shopping is going to be crazy.  He's probably coming tomorrow to give the gifts... I feel like such a failure.

And... with this much stress... I feel like I should've just told him to nix the whole gift givinng thing. Really.  Just... nix the whole stupid thing.  It's only really bad with him because he hasn't expressly told me what he wants for Christmas... so... not ... fair... I'm probably going to die tomorrow trying to shop amongst all of these last minute shoppers. 

And I am not a last minute shopper.  This is the first Christmas I'll have with a boyfriend.  And it's the first Christmas in a long while where I have enough money to even buy anyone anything, even myself.  On top of that I just transfered to a new school due failing grades and so I put my academic life in front of all this shop til you drop nonsense.  And then a cold and a blizzard kept me inside all weekend...

I feel like he's going to look at the gifts I bought him and think "lame"... especially after he went through all this trouble and has had his gifts ready for weeks.  :-(

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2 Responses Dec 23, 2008

Now his mom's gotten me a gift as well...<br />
<br />
I am working on a winter gift basket... a bunch of little things ...

Just look at the title of this group - give him your love. Bake him some cookies ... etc.