Letting Go

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to be a little uptight, ok so maybe more than a little. It's not because I'm a stuck up know it all but it's because sometimes I don't let myself live. Because the last time I did that I almost lost everything. 
I dont want the memories of losing the best thing that I ever had all over again. It nearly killed me and I dont think I can handle that kind of pain. 
But then again I want to enjoy life again I need too or else my life will be a complete blur and I do not want that. I want to laugh at the littlest things and be able to let down my shield. I'm so guarded. I am getting in my own way.
I know that I need to let go a little and have live. And I also know that I gotta stop caring about stupid **** but the question for me is how? 
emmie92 emmie92
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 21, 2011

I understand where you're coming from but I don't know what has happened in your past but I can let you know what I do when I feel a certain way.<br />
I simply turn off my emotional/melancholy/sanguine/fear or whatever switch (or turn it on again depending on the situation), to allow me to function and achieve my goal. Depending on what you are doing it is sometimes best to turn on/off that part of your mind or feeling and just drive on through.<br />
This is something I learned to do a long time ago and is especially important where I am at this point in time.<br />
Doing that has allowed me to be serious and professional or fun and outgoing or compassionate and caring or cold and ruthless etc. where and when I have needed to be or when it was and is appropriate.<br />
Hope that helps, not confuse, you!