I love standup. Sometimes I even crack jokes in my head and then repeat them to my friends. Bless their hearts, they are my friends so they must laugh at me. I really like making my co-workers laugh. It usually seems so easy. I like to laugh so hard that I cry , and if it's something really great and a few more people get to giggling too I am uncontrollable. I am one of those people that you can hear a mile away laughing and I will dance my "happy dance" when I'm excited about something. It's really honestly a goofy and ridiculous version of just the "white boy" but nonetheless. . .I like to be goofy and silly and the center of attention. If I can get some laughs out of it -- even better. :  )

AmberXLight AmberXLight
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

it's great to be silly and get lots of laughs from everyone else too!!! I love standup too... someone who has the guts and nerve to stand in front of a huge crowd and have them eating out of their hand and crying with laughter is to be admired!!!