The Life

My backside is burning, from the pain that I feel
this is no joke the feeling is real.
There are marks on my flesh from where the cane fell
It may take days before I can sit well.

I did nothing wrong, I was very good, Did everything the way a sweet girl should.
Said please and thank you. Yes Sir, Im yours.
I followed the rules and finished my chores.
But no amount of Etiquette or follow thru
can steer him from what he likes to do.

"I love marking your body" he says with a grin.
"I love wearing your mark Sir, so we both win."
It's not that I don't hurt you see.
It's the power that he has over me.
That gives me the courage to not run away, plus it will be worse if I disobey.

Across the bed, I am to lay and not move in any way.
I can beg, I can scream, yell, or shout.
The pain is surreal there is no doubt.
But that is what I must face
as I chose to love this way.
I don't regret what I endure.
Though I hate this cane of that I am sure.

The pain comes again and again, I want, I need to make this end.
My mouth says NO and begs him to cease.
But the moisture between my thighs has increased,
and that my friends is all that he needs to continue on with his deeds.
" Sweet kitten", He says ,"I hear your cry,
but your body does not lie
and the juices that flow so freely from you,
urges me to continue."

So I remain as still as I can
under the power of this man.
Until he is pleased with the badge I display
and my extra efforts to obey.
He wraps me in his arms and I melt from the fire.
The heat on my bottom and from deep desire.
This can only end one way. But it's not my place to say.
There is no way to fully describe
this twisted foreplay between he and I.

Soon my torture ends and he enters me.
I am bound, I am loose, I am slave, I am free.
I am soaring, I am groaning, I am crazed, I am calm.
I am all that he wants, I am where I belong.
The loving is primal, it' fierce, it's raw.
Something I have never felt before...and it's ok if you think it's strange....
The joys of Total Power Exchange.

My submission is heightened and I just want to please
this man who calls me to my knees.
His kiss, his touch, his voice, his embrace,
his protection, his laughter, the love in his face.
The release, the surrender, the pleasure, the life
my beautiful lot as his submissive wife.

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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

YES DELETED . iT is one of my favorites .I loved iT . WHAT A WOMAN YOU ARE . YOUR MAN IS VERY LUCKY TO HAVE YOU . true love doesn.t have an ending .

well writtem deleted .

Lovely poem! Passionate and tense. A true pain lover in every sense! Your lucky man makes you feel good. In a special way no others would. I appreciate your wonderful ways and wish you the best of fun filled days!<br />
<br />
We also don't do the whipping for being bad. I prefer to enjoy it for being good!

you've written a lot of remarkable stories, My sweet, tortured, submissive friend, but this extraordinary piece is far and away My favorite. Well done...<br />
<br />
...and thank you. Except for the fact that I don't hate the cane (pain **** that I am) and I'd probably laugh out loud if He ever referred to Me as "Sweet Kitten" (and get punished for it later, probably by being dressed in something frilly and pink -- torture for Me), this sums up My life pretty well. ~big kiss~