Remembering My First Adult Spanking

It happened when i was 18. I had had some fantasies about it before it happened, but never thought I'd get one as an adult.

 I got it from my girlfriend at the time. We had been dating a couple of months, & though she was a virgin, she enjoyed having me lick & play with her *****, & jacking me off, (she wouldn't give me a blow job though).

She was always a bit dominant, & one day I pissed her off & she threatened to spank me. I laughed & dared her to do so. I kept teasing her until she said that I wouldn't be allowed to eat or play with her ***** until she spanked me. Needless to say I agreed. She pulled my pants down, exposing my bare ***, & got me over her lap for a sound spanking, which gave me a massive hard on.

After that, spanking me was a major part of our relationship, but it was the fourth time she did it that made the biggest change. While she was spanking me that time, I came all over her lap. From then on, the way we had sex, (as she stayed a virgin), was I would play with & lick her ***** until she had several ******* & was satisfied, then I'd get over her lap for a spanking until I shot off in her lap.

Since then I've been hooked on getting spanked.

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i was being bad to wife an not doing what she wanted an she had neough i have good mind to teach you lesson laughing finaly she took out hairbrush pull my pj bottoms down an gave me one hell of bare bottom spanking that started it an from then on in panties an spank regular

He likes a sore bottom!

I'll bet youhave~

What a lovely erotic story, Mark; thanks. I love to be spanked by a lady.