Very Naughty

I need to be spanked and spanked hard. My wife knows this and on a weekly basis will take either a belt or paddle to my bare ***. I caused an issue during our European vacation that while she has whipped my *** a couple times, I am going to insist on a paddling, a hard paddling at that. We were in a restaurant with a French menu and the people could not speak English at all. so I insisted on an entree and when it came out, it turned out to be fish and I hate fish. My wife ordered some thing good and exchanged with me. That is why I need to be spanked again. Her choice was best and I whined until I got it. So I am going to arrange myself on our bed with pillows under my mid section pushing my *** up into the air. I will put the paddle across my *** and wait for my wife to come up and harshly deal with my extremely naughty bottom.
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Sep 16, 2012