Just Me

well i suppose i'm like most other people,but i have been told that compared to most i do cuddle and hug a lot more than most males! and being fairly fem i do relate well to being held and cuddled for as long as i can have one,lol. its just so nice to be held and to hold someone close,i miss cuddles very much,its been a long time since i've had a cuddle.i don't know if i'm writing the right thing here! but its how i feel. just me.
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4 Responses Jun 7, 2012

Think physical contact is very important to our well being. Love hugs, cuddles, holding hands.

Always ready for a cuddle or a hug or snuggle up and spoon .

Hugs are better than chocolate :) And that's saying something!!!

That is why EP is so good. We can write and let out feelings and emotions stream out on the page. It works for me better than a therapist really. We just need to make sure we mark them appropriately (X-Rated, over 18 only) when they are.