Making Plans

Like billions of others I am struggling.

Struggling financially and stuggling to hold down a job I feel unsuited for.

Many of my friends have lost their jobs so I feel lucky to have work and am afraid to leave as I may find it very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain another job.

I will stay for now but I am planning and trying to create a very different future for myself.

Where I am doing work I enjoy and feel excited and passionate about ..

I HAVE to believe it's possible ..




 Found the online ' Discover your passion and Life Purpose test' useful.




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22 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Yes .. I am banking on that xx

Thank you .. all great comments. I am glad I posted my 'moaning stories' as things have changed. I am still at the job but somehow my perspective has changed and I feel able to cope better.

I know about the financial problems. If you have children involved there are many resources that you can get ahold of. As for your job try online schooling to get into something you really want to do.

Tasmin remember the job is just somthing that you do....<br />
it is not you ......only a daily task to sustain the basics ...<br />
You have realised that a change is needed in your life.... for now let that be one of regenaration build your confidence , you can sell your books of read some new ones ............... Good Luck :0)

Now we are talking!!

With each little step in your chosen path you gain momentum and the steps become leaps.<br />
<br />
Don't forget to change the oil!

Hi there BrotherOfTheLeavZ .. long time no see<BR><BR>Thank you for your comment .. you are right and I will do just that <BR><BR>Hope all is good for you

Hiya papertulips<br />
<br />
Always good to hear from you ..<br />
<br />
I think I am lazy as well .. <br />
<br />
Hope you are having a good day xxx

That's a very cute story Z egg le

Thank you again datura <br />
<br />
Mr Zeggle, is there a story behind your name ?

Absolutely! And you have been blessed with talent and and a good mind. You've got everything you need to reach the stars, as long as you put your determination and will behind it.

Thank you datura and Zeggle<BR><BR>I shall be driving off tonight!!<BR><BR>(only problem .. spent hours today trying to get my printer to work but all long sad story .. <BR>But no matter I shall write my invoices by hand and make them beautiful :) .. where there is a will there is a way!)

Good!<br />
Don't let the management at work get you down. Make them the impetus to finally grasp for your dreams.<br />
If it was comfortable and easy at work it would be easier to stay with the status quo. By being horrible, they are actually helping you--giving you the push to get the ole jalopy started down the road to what you should really be doing to be happy.

Zeggle .. I have lots of antique first edition books <BR><BR>datura .. I have been busy oiling and putting petrol in ...<BR><BR>I shall try starting the engine tonight!!<BR><BR>Tis rather quirky old car!!!

I think it's a good idea to start involving yourself with financial gain from books. Put out the intention to the universe that you intend to make money with books! Selling ones you no longer have room for. Writing books to bring joy to people both young and old!<br><br />
You have so many good ideas and I think you should start acting on them right now instead of waiting for a future time to do it. Get the ball rolling so the universe can help you live out your dream.

Lots of books ...

Well that is the case with me as well. <br />
<br />
I am going to try something new tonight .. re selling things on ebay.

I think we always have a choice of paths and that we can create our own path.<BR><BR>But also good judgement and timing seems to me to be very important.

Thank you redhead, datura and dee <BR><BR>I have spent the last few hours so unsure if takes more courage to stay or go. <BR><BR>I will stay for now because I need the money and also my colleagues are mostly all in the same situation and are all great people.<BR><BR>It is the management that stinks!

It IS possible.. absolutely. Don't give up on your dreams.

I believe it is possible, too. I'm hoping that life brings you the very best as you continue to reach for your dreams. You surely deserve it, Tassie.

I am also in the same situation , hang in there things have to look up