in 2007 i had the most amazing relationship. the guy i was with would have gone through heaven and high water for me. while we were together he admitted that he fell in love and was willing to give up his life for me. He was everything i could have ever asked for in a man. I had trust issues. a long time friend of mine told me he had been cheating on me. not until after i went off on him did i find out he never cheated. but before i realized he had been faithful to me i had verbally and emotionally and mentally abused him. i said everything to him that you should never say to hurt a man. after we broke up i became pregnant and gotten an abortion. this caused me to become very ill. over the course of two years later i had started school and thought i had moved on. after we broke up his family hung out with me. his mom told me to call her mom. all of his sisters fell in love with me and his neices called me aunti... i went to college and thought i had moved on. i had dated a good number of guys and was having fun... it is two years later and i recently found out that my ex has a new girlfriend and he is pretty serious with her. this is the most pain i've ever felt. i am young and  i know that there is plenty of time in my life o find somebody new. yet i have o admit that i dont know how to let him go. i want to but i feel like there is no hope. i am embarrassed and feel stupid. i feel stupid for leting him go. now i am forced to realize another woman has taken my place with someone i thought was mine. i know everything happens for a reason. but i cant shake this. can anyone tell me their experience like this or give me some advice. i am losing all my inner peace and i dont know what to do. i just want to be strong. 

queenofhope queenofhope
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 3, 2010

Being an optimist I think you will find happiness eventually! And I know it hurts but we all make mistakes when we are young. Try to be happy for him, I know it's hard but if you love him you will want that for him. Move on and find some joy in your life. I bet there are a bunch of good men out there who can appreciate what you have to offer! I sincerely hope you will be happy!