I Need To Go Back To Being Me, I Just Don't Know How

 Alrighty, here it goes,

I recently moved to a different state. I lived in one state in one place in a small town for almost sixteen years. I had a lot of friends, a great social life, I was in a lot of clubs and sports, both inside and outside of school, I had a rockin' boyfriend and the best friends a girl could ask for. I had a great life. When I was down or upset, I could turn to a friend or I could just pick myself back up. I was optimistic, cheerful, spunky, and a hard worker. Since I moved, that all changed.

We moved to a different state on the eve of my sixteenth birthday. Now my life is hell. I expected my new high school to be a bit like my old one. I didn't expect every girl to be orange and blonde. I didn't expect to be in the minority for being a virgin or for not doing pot. I didn't expect to meet guys who only cared about getting in your pants. I didn't expect to enter a high school where the majority of the students had the maturity of a 5th grader. So I've been having a lot of trouble making friends. I broke up with my boyfriend because long distance wasn't working, and I feel like I'm missing out on the Junior year I should be having where I used to live with all my old friends. My social life is pretty much nonexistent now. One of my friends died earlier this year and I couldn't go to the funeral because I was living so far away. This happened right as I started school. My siblings are both away at college so I'm lonely at home as well as at school. I'm not myself anymore at all. I miss the old me terribly. Any advice on how to pick myself up? Or should I just suck it up until high school is over?   

SavannahMaria SavannahMaria
1 Response Jan 16, 2010

Thank you for the advice!! So much! Serioulsy, it helped loads