The Bigger Person

 I Know I've Got To Be The Bigger Person In Life,

 I Have To Be Honest Loyal And Be Trusted,

this is What's Makes A Person,

i need to change but not just for my self i need to change for

my big Bro cuz i know he's watching ova me and i need to change for my mum

cuz i know she's gone through hunger just to feed me,,

my mum says  'come to church' but i ent listening, Cuz to me that's just a room full of

hypocrites, god forgive man that's a hell of a line, but my mother always told me to speak my mind

i need to be the person i was,

i need to be able to belive, trust, accept and understand that life is A B*$%H ,,

Need to keep my life stable then i will be able to take care of me and my family,

So I Got To Be The BIGGER Person In This And stop

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Aggressive Behavior

  • violent and anti-social behavior

This WAY I am going To Succeed A Better Life For Me And For My Family :)


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ThaShizzle ThaShizzle
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Shut The **** Up!<br />
Who The **** Do You Think You Are Talkin To Me Like That You Piece Of ****!

and....LEARN TO S P E L L!!