Rediculously Dirty

now i hate cleaning, but i really need to. always need to actually. i have 2 kids, so my house always looks like i have 10. i don't know how people keep up, really. suggestions would be a really great thing. i mean, if it isn't toys or books it is something my husband drug out. this week we're having a garage sale so it looks absolutely horrible. there is stuff all over my counters not to mention all the dirt that has been brought in by making trips in and out of the house to the garage. yuck. i soooo wish that i would just win a free home cleaning. 
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4 Responses Apr 26, 2007

I can totally sympathise with this one! I also have two kids and ahouse that looks like a pig sty. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning but it never seems to get anyt better.<br />
Sorry I'm no help but I'm deffo there with ya!<br />

I am sooo there with you:)

I have two kids too and my house is always a mess...I get it clean and 10 minutes later you can't tell I did anything. I know alot of my problem is depression. I let it build up and don't do anything for too long and just hope ppl don't come over. I wish I was a clean freak like some people.

Lol, well depends on how old your kids are they can be taught to put their own toys away. Once the garage sale is over you will have more room in the house. Just don't have company over, lol. You need to organize chores for everyone to help out.