Mother In Law Visit, Need I Say More?!?!?

Now I know mother in laws aren't really that bad, sorry for the stereo-type. But mine is a perfectionist... Of other people. And will voice it. Things like, 'Wow, honey, have you ever cleaned your ceiling fan?' or 'You know the refrigerator has wheels so you can clean behind it'. Kinda like Marie!! And my husband knows it. But I am proud to say that ever since the second time she came to visit she hasn't said anything! But either way, the husband and i have been cleaning for a week now. Things that I didn't even know needed cleaning. (Did you know that the inside of the door jab gets dirty????) Not to mention things that we never worried about before. Like the babies doodles down the hallway wall... Tried to get the husband to paint over them but he said that was taking it to far... Whatever... Just kidding! Either way I think that we are almost done. And for the first time since we have been married ALL of our laundry, minus what we are wearing is clean AND put away. I promise that has never happened! Well I think I am going to try to get the husband to paint again... If not... well then I guess I will do it!
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1 Response Jul 2, 2007

Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, if you can get it. It has been know to get out many stubborn spots, and may be the thing your hall needs.