I Love to Clean... ...

I love to clean... anything but my room!
khelm24 khelm24
1 Response Jan 10, 2007

I do your room , <br />
do you clean mein?<br />
and after that will be nice to,<br />
change things that are not write<br />
to true away the old big photo<br />
with that old house I hever see<br />
to maked blue , not yello on the wall <br />
and in the closet to put some new sheets of paper before I put the stuf in more<br />
<br />
And on the bad, not all that toys , I really am a big kid now, so better have two pilows more and that nice blanket from my store .<br />
<br />
And wath it is missing , let me see... do you need the tabel full?<br />
give some books to the big boks from the corner of the room<br />
put a flouer in a glass , to be fresh and warher clean, don't forghet to changed in the morrning every time , when I say HI to my open window time<br />
<br />
.....<br />
sorry , but you may not do, all I needed to be done, bether you will clen your room<br />
better I clean mien<br />
thank you , that you give me time , and inspeire me , sorry for the spell