It Is All In The Numbers

It is all in the numbers really so keep up...
25 yr old woman marries 25 yr old man
10 yrs later divorce
35 yr old man marries 25 yr old woman
maybe they stay together maybe divorce but....
45 yr old man goes after and possibly marries 25 yr old woman
so ...... 25 35 and 45 yr old men are going after the 25 yr old woman
who is going after the 35 yr old woman you say..... well it is all the 25 yr olds that said i can't compete or age is just a number ( and really meant it)
Now not to be left out i must include the 45 yr old woman.... who is going after her you say..... well she is still with the same guy she was with when she was 35..... or she said " i need a man like a fish needs a bicycle"
phoenix2011 phoenix2011
36-40, F
Jan 5, 2013