How to Find Pics For Your Experiences

I am obsessed with having pictures for my experiences. All the experiences I create have pictures added immediately. If I join an experience I will add a picture if it doesn't already have one.

Adding pictures is easy. Go to  In the search bar write what picture you are looking for, then search the images until you find one that you like. You may have to try a couple different similar searches to find the 'just right' one, eg search terms such as 'inspiring' 'motivate' 'support' - each will turn up different images.

When you spot an image that you like, right click on the picture - don't open it in a new window or tab, just right click. Choose the 'save as' option, and save it to your hard drive - remember where you save it so you can find it again.

Sometimes I will rename the image with something related to the experience I want to use it for. Other times I will save it using it's existing name. One thing to be aware of is that many of these pictures on google images are called 'images' - if you already have one picture saved on your computer as 'images' it will automatically be overwritten if you save a new one called 'images'. That's fine if you don't want to keep the first one.

If you do want to keep both though, you will need to change the name of the second one. What I often do is simply add a number or a letter of the alphabet so that it becomes 'images2' or 'imagesx' or you can completely rename it.

Once you have saved your image, click  above the standard logo where it says 'change logo' [you have to be a member of the group in order to change the logo]. This will open up an editing box - it will say: 'New picture location' - to the right of that, click on the 'browse' button. Now you have to find where you saved the picture on your computer. Once you find it, double click on the picture you want. This will upload the picture to the group - you will notice text appear in the box between the 'New picture location' and 'browse'

Now, click on the big 'Update' button. That's it. Now the picture you chose has been uploaded to the group!

Finding the right picture for the group logo is as much fun as finding the right experience.

[If you found this information helpful, you are welcome to send me a gift - I'm collecting gifts as well as experiences, smile]

Cheers, and happy googling, editing and sharing.


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