My Apologies!

I am SO very sorry, my EPeeps! :-(

I know, I have been MIA on your stories and not commenting much! I don't mean to neglect you all. I get so caught up in trying to write 80 stories per week for my best pal, that I often forget to stop and comment! But, I'm working on it, making time for everyone here. :-D

Though, out of respect to your stories... for those with dirty stories or views that I don't agree with... I can't comment. I read them! But, I can't comment. Sorry. I have nothing to say, except for "no comment"... and that would be lame and a waste of your time. :-/

But don't be surprised if you see comments from me, for now on. And NO, I'm not commenting to gain comments on my stories! That's stupid! There is no obligation to comment on my stories. Just you reading it is good enough for me, if you have the time. If not, that's cool too. I mainly write to entertain myself and Philip! ;-)

I love you guys and girls! :-D

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

i know what you mean.i get caught up in making stories and forget to comment.but i love reading there stories.