I've Decided I Want Out!!!

As you all know I've been living in a sexless marriage and want out. We've decided to split up in March, got drunk had fun, did the same in May too. Well in July (6 weeks since the last time we had sex) I said "I'm done, I've had it, it's over" I can't take not having sex, no affection literally no nothing. Only negative things about me come out of his mouth, no matter what I do, how much a dress up to look good for him...I get nothing. This morning we got into a fight and I told him how I would've been on vacation with him and his mom too if he didn't lose his job and I had to get one. Which by the way while he was gone he was telling me he missed me, but during the fight he tells me no one wanted me there because I'm such a *****! Then we fought again later today and he tells me I was never going on vacation because I'm so mean to him! How the heck can we work on our marriage if he doesn't want me around, doesn't want to have sex with me because I'm such a ***** and blame everyone else for my problems?? Answer...you can't!!! I've told him time and time again I want out and I do mean it!!! I can't wait until moving day!!!
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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Yes, you get married cos you love someone. But if they treat you like a room mate, what's the point? Get out and find something better x