I Can't Stand It Much Longer

I have been married to this guy way too long. I feel I put in all the effort, finances and positive attitude. What I get is someone who has no interest in me or appreciation for what I give. When I think about the future, I don't think I want to fritter it away on this waste of time. Unfortunately, I hate the idea of splitting my assets after all the hard work I have put into obtaining some amount of financial security. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but some days I just want to scream.
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Um...okay. Obviously, your assets are important to you -- but let's not overlook your actual MARRIAGE! Do you want it to work or not? Have you tried marital counseling? Have you tried individual counseling? Sounds like both of you have issues that need to be addressed on someone's couch before you can make a marriage work...

All these answers and not one has yet to encourage you to pray. Cease the moment and get on your knees and pray to the God you hear about.... I don't know if you're a believer but may I just say that He knows what it is you need.... what's best for you in the right nows.... take a moment.... cry... yell... scream.... but pray. I know it's hard... two failed marriages... one physical abuse and the other mental..... I am only 29 but feel rather seasoned... : / I don't know the half of what God has ins tore for me but He's the only one who has shown up in certain areas of my life and allows me to be where I am. I chose these men. Not God. I went outside of God's perfect timing... but I have learned quite enough!!! Let God work... by all means... He already knows what it is you need. I challenge you to just pray...............

The quicker the better. But work at your own pace and be sure it's what u want so there are no regrets.

I have a completely empty marriage with no happiness. I have a 13 yr old and a 17 yr old who know their parents should not be together....lots of mental and emotional and abuse and some physical. We started out financially stable 20 yrs ago but now we have nothing. Our house is on the verge of foreclosure, my husband has a job making $10/hr at a golf course supposed to be working full time but uses every excuse to miss work. I almost left 12 yrs ago when I could have made it financially. He begged me not to leave because he threatened to kill himself so I stayed.Now the option of leaving is gone because of finances. Not enough money to live on my own and we no longer have any assets. I am stuck in this hellish situation. He does not care about anything, especially providing for his kids. I hate him for it.

Sanity and happiness oversee money or anything that is of the materialistic nature. set urself free! be happy, id be happy in a card board box as long as i didn't half to share it with my "special one" good luck, keep looking up!

I hear you! It hard to just give half away when you know that you have worked so much harder. I don't have an answer and sometimes I feel selfish for thinking that way...but what else can you do? Hang in there and hope things get cleared up.

my heart goes out to you! i've never been in that situation, but, still...i wish i had some words of wisdom for you...all i have to give is my prayers...

Me too, husband has no interest in me, doesn't appreciate me, won't help me do anything. Get financially set and leave. He'll get half of my dream house that I worked so hard for. Better I get 1/2 my house and ALL my sanity.

divorcee, it will be difficult financially, it would hurt the children, you might suffer, but you will gain a peace of mine, happiness, and strength, the hardest thing you can do. a lot of soul searches

Children and finances make such decisions extremely difficult, I wish I had an answer; I grapple with the same concerns.