To Blog Or Not To Blog?

I've started writing a blog that I haven't posted. For a long time I used to take notes to write down feelings and to capture the many things my wife does (and doesn't do) that makes our marriage unhappy. I've tried for so long to talk, to rationalize...but she is self centered, irresponsible and abusive. the blog helps me get my thoughts out but I just don't know whether to share it and get 'anonymous' feedback. I guess I know what people will say...GO. but it's never easy, especially when you have children, right?
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2011

I know how you feel.....My husband and I went through a period of time where I was doing the same thing you are.....I tried marriage counseling, talking to friend, trying to talk to him.....We were going through a rough patch and he closed himself off and I became a ghost......We ended up getting separated for a year.....It was really hard on the kids.....If I could I would do things different now.....Unfortunately you can't go back in time.....I think you should post it....You will get some good advice and can ignore the dumb ones......Do what you feel is right for you and your kids.....:)

Thanx again for your comments. I've got a lot written, but sharing it *publicly* though anonymously is very difficult.

I see lots of advice given to people here in difficult relationships and so much of it is to "just leave!"...I'm guilty of it myself but your right, leaving is NOT that simple. <br />
I wont even go into the number of factors involved when a couple seperates but anyone with a home, kids, time and money invested will agree with you as well. <br />
Post your blog but keep in mind that the advice given is relative. You choose what best applies to you and what doesn't. :)

thank you for your thoughts, very much appreciated.