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My wife and I can't have a conversation like normal people I began to writ her explain how I feel and what I feel..I have a letter on the computer for months I go in and change it regularly..adding and deleting telling it is over...tired of a lifeless and sexless marriage...I have a rental house I am working the country I will have a place to live and so will she....But I am giving a few more months ...don't know why she want change...we talked about this Sunday  over is her way or no way...

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4 Responses May 7, 2008

Wow! I thought I was alone here. I have tried for many years to communicate with my wife with no avail. every time I have talked with her about our lack of affection her standard answer is "you want me to be someone I'm not". I am almost to the point of letting her "be herself" alone or with someone else. I always address the issues and have to answer my own questions. Sex? what is that? With situations such as mine and the countless others I have seen here, should there be any question why people are cheating on their spouses?? I can assure you if I had known this when we married I would have ran. I hope you the best in your situation. I can tell you sir I do feel your pain.

Letters worked for me. I implemented thi srule at home since day 1. My kids have never heard an argument or shouting. It worked really nice, because you can measure your words before saying things that later on you may regret. Have you given her the letter? If not do so and have her answer back but in a letter as well, see if this works.

I am very sorry for the lack of communication in your marrige. Mine also suffers in the same way. I gave up trying to sit down with my wife to explain how I felt and my concerns over our lack of intimacy and closeness. She just never really wants to talk. So I started writing letters also. They have worked, but we are still sexless, and not very close. I certainly wish you all the best it is a difficult situation.

I am very sorry you are going through this my friend. I remember what making that decision is like and it is not an easy one by any means. <br />
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My shoulder and/or ears are here if you need them... ((HUGS))