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Not Really In It

my husband have made some positive changes but my feelings have pretty much dissolved. the kids are happy, but I am not.
shallowdeep shallowdeep 36-40, F 3 Responses Jun 13, 2012

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I am divorced, the best thing to happen since my boys grew up. Thje thing you need to think of is, do I REALLY want it. It is pretty irreversible, and you are on your own. If I could advise you, put out feelers first and be sure you are safe. Then tell your partner what is in your mind and set up a programme for dissengagement. If your partner is hostile, then just go about it at your own pace.<br />
Just be certain because the hurt could be terrible for both of you,

thanks, and I agree with u. being on my own was hard but I was so much happier, but that happiness was for me. the kids weren't happy. as I said before, now they are. it's as if they feel more complete, now. maybe they do, so I jus sorta deal with the situation right now.

i am going trough something similar except that my husband is not listening to me..... that he needs to change and share more our responsibilities as a parents and couple, its been 3 years and I am afraid this will be the reason that will end our marriage.

thanks guys, I appreciate the sentiments. I am ok, just spending alot of time thinking about what I want, but what's best for the kids as well. sometimes I look at them and think maybe I've asked for too much. then I think about the verbal abuse, especially in front of my kids, and I think, heck no.....