21 Yr Old, Newlywed With A 3 Week Old Baby Boi.... Close To Divorce, Maybe

Hi i'm Taqua a 21 yr old bride and new mother. When i met my husband i was christian, he muslim. I told him from day 1 i didnt like the whole polygamist thing withhim having more than 1 wife. He said all he needed was one and said hopefully it would be me, well.... it was, we got married Sept 2011, one month later after we met. Now that we're married, N lov and just had a newborn boi, he is 3 weeks old, my hubby tells me he has a woman he wants me to meet. it broke my heart. I told him no, i dont wanna do this. He says okay, thats fine. Later on that next night i find him on numerous dating sites, to find muslim women. My heart broke into even smaller pieces. I want my son to have a complete fam, mother and father but i think i may have to leave to keep myself from catching a charge and to keep myself sane. But i luv my husband sooooooo much and think i couldnt live without him. Plus, Allah S.w.t (God) hates divorce. I am a very religious woman. HELP ME PLEASE! What to do. All answers welcome. Muslim ones a plus but ALL please.
Taqwa Taqwa
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2012

Let me start by first saying congrats to your little bundle of joy...I am so sorry for you. My Heart goes out to you. Wow you sure married a Nut case. How in The name of God could he do that to you after he promised you it wouldn't happen. If I were in your shoes with a baby I would pack your things and the baby's things just what u need and i would get out with no warning or nothing You are young and deserve better. I really would like to talk more with you so if u could please message me we can even chat...Just be safe and look after that little one. Can I ask what his name is?....Antonia

The babies name is Khalil. And thanks we sure can sistah