Husbands Past Is Killing Our Relationship

I fell in love with a man and was swept away. Then shortly, I found out he had married a woman that was 47 , in vegas, and was married to her for 1 1/2 years, they bought a house, vehicles etc together. He is 24, so he was roughly 22 when he married her and ive asked about that. I get the response that he did it because it was something to do. We have been married 6 months now. His ex wife has contacted me on facebook where i had to delete it because of her harrassment and now she has contacted my mother on facebook. I think hes hiding something about that marriage. dont seem normal to me. On top of this my husband got a girl prego in high school where he took care of mom n kid the first year and the last 5 he hasnt been in her life. The kid knows another man as dad and my husband has chose to stay out of the picture. His family constantly says how he needs to be dad and causes drama by helping the kids mom with info about my husband and calling with he said she said drama. His mom babysits the kid and shows her pics of my husband and tells the child its daddy. Now the child is confused and its all drama everyday over this kid. His mother is overbearing sending articles and movies on how dads should be. He will take care of the financial responsibility of the child but has chosen to let the other man she knows as dad have that role. His family wont respect that. Im contemplating divorce. Cant have a relationship with my husband when on a daily basis im dealing with his drama and his family and exs!
Savvylady Savvylady
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2 Responses Jan 2, 2013

Have you set down with him and let him exactly how you feel about the entire situation? If you sincerely love this man ask him to come completely clean and to ask his mother to bud out since it is his kid not her's and she needs to accept his decision period. My best to you.

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