I Want To Leave My Marriage

I've had a couple of nights, including my birthday, alone, with my teenager and husband doing fun things elsewhere. I was so looking forward to them coming home - I need people around me. Last week I was criticised because of finances (I could find $10k tomorrow if required), today about being too hands on as a mother.

This time last year I suspected (correctly) my husband was having an affair. Our daughter doesn't know anything other than nice Dad is back (since confessing and ending it). I found out on Valentines Day. Did counselling, he felt less guilty and I was allowed to be cross.

I'm not certain the affair ended immediately, but my trust button is now defective and that could be true.

Anyway for the last 4 months we have been flatmates only. I am sad, unloved and miss intimacy.

I decided that rather than he move out alone, to an investment property we own near the teenagers school, he should take her during the week and I could find a 2br flat for us on weekends. This is the most clarity I have thought all year.

This is a dig decision / how do I make it happen ????

Actionsandconsequences Actionsandconsequences
41-45, F
Jan 12, 2013