Starting Divorce Process

We were just about to talk about division of things when my 25 year old son came in. Those talks are postponed, but I expect them today to continue. I've been moving toward this for four years. In many ways I have been preparing her for it too so that is not this huge catastrophic event. Four years ago, it would have been and it could have been really bad for the both of us. Not trying to under estimate the impact now, but I think we are more prepared. I don't totally mean that I've been preparing her for this exclusively. Life itself has done most of it. I just let life be the teacher. I too am the student and it is very hard for me too in a much different way. Anyway, just letting my EP friends now where I'm at. Thanks to anyone who's read my stories and even more gratitude to those who have taken the time to know me.
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

I hope everything goes smoothly for you all.

I admire how you handle things your way. With your career and now with your Marriage/Divorce issue. Hope everything falls to everyone's good intention. Good luck.

Thank you LR. It can all be very taxing and self doubt can enter ones mind so your comments are much appreciated. X

You're welcome.X

I do hope things go smoothly for you all..

Thanks so much.