He Had and Affair

My husband had an affair on me around September and didn't tell me until the begining of Novemeber.  Turns out he F****ed the girl once and not only did he lie to me but he lied to her too.  He told her in Sept. we had been seperated for 3 month, as of right now in Nov. we have only been seperated 3 weeks.  He told her he cared about her and made it seem like he was going to be with her.  They were going to start a reationship together, until one faithful day I read his email on his MYSPACE page! Good Ol' Myspace! The message was from her stating that she couldn't wait to see him again so he could hold her blah blah blah.  So I comfronted him about it and he denied any wrong doing.  About a week later he confessed everything, so I asked to talk to his "mistress".  HE gave me her number and we caught him up in serveral lies, for example he told her my tubes were tied, which is not true because he wanted a little girl and I was going to give him his little girl.  He told her we had a open marriage! I couldn't beleive it.  So for the past 2 weeks I have been dating his "mistress".  Were kind of alike, we like the same things and we hate one A**hole!  All my friends think I'm crazy for hanging out with my "new friend" but we dont see anything wrong with it.  We were both hurt by the same A**hole and now that I'm filing for a Divorce, I'm single.  And she's such a sweetheart, I adore her. Can you blame me?

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... I DON'T blame you,
I AM the secret girlfriend of the man who thinks he is my secret boyfriend,
we are working together to TEACH HIM A LESSON.....
I HOPE we (us girls) can stay together and true to one another...
I am infatuated with his wife,
and she is with me,
we can't keep our hands, minds and bodies off of each other...........
she likes to spank me,
as if she has POWER OVER ME....

... I promised her I WOULD NEVER HURT HER, but I never promised I WON'T HURT HIM.

u did the right thing;hate sin, love sinner.<br />
<br />
in this case she's ignorant n was duped as well.<br />
he's the cheater/adulterer.s he may not want to change ths is valid reason n biblical grounds for divorce.<br />
<br />
the sooner u flush him out of ur system the better off u r to get the peace n love u truly deserved.<br />
<br />
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God be with u during this time when ur heart is breaking n uncertainty looms ahead.<br />
<br />
only sure thing is God's love for u never changes n u a also have support fm:<br />
<br />
www.kcm.org<br />
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be blessed n email me ur address if u needany readg materials that i cansend u. elensree@yaoo.com

Well I didn't mean I was dating her, but were friends. We actually have alot in common, and we keep each other smiling. We both agree it's messed up the way we met but were moving on with our lives. Thanks for your comments, I really appriciate it.

I can relate to your situation, but from the other side. My wife did pretty much the same thing to me. I had an accidental encounter with her whatever you call a male version of a "mistress", and we had a long talk. We are not friends, but I did not hold him responsible for things.

I think it's wonderful that you have found a friend who can help you through this crappy time I once had a guy cheat on me and she even had the same first name! It was so nice to talk to her on the phone and compare his stories.

what in the hell is awrong with u? seeing his mistress. i think the both of u are utterly disgusting....

Shut up. Her husband is the only one that is disgusting.