Should I Do Something Different Or Not?

This is the 1st step I've ever taken.Just need someones advice that isn't my mom.I have lived a long story with lots of inncidents in my home.We have survived all tho. Such as my child getting ran over,us hit by drunk driver @ 100 mph. and tractor trailer wreck & I can go on. But, I've been married for 26 1/2 years. My husband used to be soooo jealous. Then one all stopped.But most of my marriage was battled by his jelousy. I have 2 children. My son is married & moved on. He now says I'm the blame he grew up hating his dad. My daughterinlaw & I can't get along. She's jealous over me cause my son & I WAS close. I never dreamed he would ever think that for all the things he seen his daddy do to me in jelousy of even his 15 year old friends.I've never gave him not one reason to ever be jealous of me. My husband has always been a local truck driver. Home everynight but leaves early morning. After 16 years on one job he was laid off & started a new job being gone @ night. I became very lonely. He didn't support me @ all when I tried to tell him I needed him to be home @ night with me. Now, time has changed so much. This is sad to say but if he seen bananas missing he would accuse me of them.They really would rot & I would throw them away. But in front of my daughter...he accused me of them & smear a couple of them all in my hair & face. Later company came & he threw his shirt & hit me in the face pretty hard with his shirt. As time went we didn't talk much. Kind of drifting apart more each day. We tried going places together but we can't even talk a word to each other. He won't give me a chance to talk. It's either not the right words or he don't want to hear it or something else. He has some kind of issue with me that I don't know what to do or how to act.We was gong down the interstate the other day...just me & him & I was playing with the radio & I looked up & noticed a truck moving over & I said geeze I'm glad he moved over or we would been in trouble. "He lost it! Said that truck didnt do nothing! "I'm going home!" I said whatever! He smacked me right in the mouth.This ain't the 1st time that he dumped Mt. Dew drink all over me. It's just this was in my daughter's car.He hasn't seen a need to replace me a car yet in the last five years. But I came in & showered & he came in the bathrom & dumped drink all over me again.He never cleans it up neither. I have to ALL THE TIME. So now...We don't sleep together anymore. When he is home he sleeps on the couch now.We don't talk or socialize @ all. It's so hard on my 15 year old daughter. But I don't have a job so I don't know what to do. do cakes , detail vehicles & clean houses when I get those jobs. He always enveyed my doin cakes. I've always supported him with his job til it's got me nowhere's in my life.We just pass each other & keep going. Alot began on our 25th anniversay his family gave us a party & wouldn't invite my family along to join in. It was all about him. Last anniversary I was so sick. He came in & jumped all over me for not doing nothing. I was so sick. Christmas he got me nothing! My birthday...Nothing! It's like he doesn't care anymore but he's playing with my mind. He won't leave! He's the only man I've ever had. I met him @ 13 1/2.Dated 4 years & been married 261/2. His family has so much going for them, my family is poor & out of luck compared to his. His mom turns on me in problems & supports him no matter what. Right or wrong... after 30 years in this family. His 5 sisters the same. I don't know what to do anymore.And must I add....he spits in my face. That's twice he spit right in my face. I bent down to look in the car to get my pocketbook & he got me right in the face. That was worse than the hit or the drink. He never cleans up after himself. I clean up after him all the time. Like a five year old. He is telling people I have an issue with my new pills. Actually my lil harmone pills make me fill better! Any advise????

meomeeandu meomeeandu
41-45, F
Mar 4, 2010