Yes I Do.

I dont want to waste my life away but at this rate I will. I am a serial procrastinator , I cant start things and when I do start it my short attention span is going to take my some place else. I can do things if its not relating to the things I'm suppose to be doing. I can play a game, I can go on EP, I can even work out, thats fine. Right now I'm suppose to be doing job applications and researching into ways to make money, and reading up on career stuff. I can't do it. When I do try and do it, it feels too hard, too much pressure, I dont know.

I wonder if I will ever have a life. Maybe I am still a bit young but its no excuse. I'm really pis*ed of with myself. I would beat myself up if I could.

Please no sympathies, thats the last thing I want now.
BronzeEspada BronzeEspada
31-35, M
Jul 16, 2012