Nobody Is Going To Believe This

I've never had a single vegetable in all my life.  The only fruit I ever ate with no problem was bananas.  I am probably younger than most people here, but I'm going to be an adult soon and I barely had my very first strawberry ever in January of this year.  Barely.  No lie.  And I couldn't even finish it.  I ate only half.  And it took me fifteen minutes just to work up the nerve to try it, like, nibble it a bit.  I had a second strawberry a few months ago that I also couldn't finish.

I've only had four blueberries in all my life.  I barely tried four two months ago.  Oh, and I've only had two cherries in my life as well.  I barely tried my first on Valentine's Day.  And did I mention they were artificial cherries?  You know, the ones loaded with preservatives that they put on milkshakes in fast food restaurants?  And I don't drink much water either.  It's rare when I drink water.  I usually just live on beverages and could go by days without eating as long as I'm drinking stuff and if I get hungry, I'll eat some cereal and than go back to just beverages.

I'm probably the most malnourished person alive.  I know what you're thinking.  How on earth am I even alive?  Good question.  After I was diagnosed as anemic as a child, since my mother tried to feed me healthier foods because I was very malnourished and I kept spitting it out, she had no choice but to get me this really good Vitamin supplements and yeah, I've been taking those pretty much all my life so that's where I get my vitamins and nutrients from.  They work really well.  I have a pretty good immune system and rarely get sick, not too mention that I'm pretty strong for a malnourished person.  I need to go a long time without taking my vitamins for me to look like I'm practically on the brink of dying or just really weak.  As long as I remember to take them on a daily basis, I'm usually fine.

But I still think I need to work on eating fruits and vegetables.  Bananas and vitamin supplements won't pull me through forever.  I'm facing major health problems in my 30s.  Possibly mid-20s at the rate that I'm going.

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"and every time I've ever eaten a -nipple- of a strawberry or a cherry," Lol.<br />
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From that it seems like you don't like the texture of fruit. And veggies you just don't like. Carrot cake usually has shavings of carrots in it, just nothing huge. <br />
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This is very strange..

Yeah, I meant baked and mashed potatoes. In potatoes in any other form other than fries. Like ketchup. I can't eat tomatoes, but I could eat ketchup. I can't eat the solid orange, but I can drink orange juice (no pulp please). Same with other fruits. <br />
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Nope, my mother never tried to make me eat fruits and vegetables. She did a little bit when I was younger, but I would just spit them back out so she gave up soon and yeah, she never tried again. She never cared much for how I eat anyway. My best friend spends more time scolding me about my eating habits than my own mother and every time I've ever eaten a nipple of a strawberry or a cherry, it's always been with her pleading with me to try to eat it. Other than those days when she begs me to try to eat something, I don't eat it.<br />
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I can eat mostly any fruit as long as I drink it from a pulp-less drink. I can drink apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, mostly anything. As long as I don't eat the actual solid fruit, my body won't reject it. Vegetables? I can't eat vegetables at all. Unless you count carrot cake, then maybe. Or potatoes in the form of deeply fried fries, if potatoes are even vegetables.

You can eat fries, but not potato? Fries 'are' potato... for the most part... Do you mean potato like mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?<br />
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Have you tried sneaking it? Like have your mom hide the vegetables in food otherwise not thought to have it? But not tell you what she put it in. It seems more of a psychological thing.. if that's possible..<br />
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You should make a list of all the fruits and vegetables you can and can't eat.

Do fries count as potatoes? Because I can eat fries. Just not the actual potato. Cucumbers? Nope. Peas? Nope. XD

Hmm... What about potatoes? Cucumbers? Peas?

I can eat bananas, lol.

wow i hope you are able to find a fruit/ vegtable you enjoy!

But I was... :/<br />
Actually, no it was chicken nuggets and a donut...

Btw, I'm sooooo not eating M&M's while writing.. >.>

Holy crap, you must be the most malnourished person ON EARTH!

Very unusual...