Food ive let it be my friend its always been there for me

its like a hug from the inside. i think i let it run me becalse it was too

easy to depend on when people failed me food was always there

food food food

my friend food

when iam sad there you are food

food food food there you are when aim happy

food food food when ive not gotten my parents

aprivel food food food there you are alway in my time of need

food food food when iam sad there you are

food food food you never put me down food

food food you are always there for me no matter what my needs are there

you are now my heart cant take my fat a ss food there you are

on my a ss you have betrayed me food food food

you will always be there for me to get controle of

my life becalse when i was a teen i couldnt controle any

thing in my life so there for my friend i walked away from

you food food food i felted the hunger pains you

gave from not having food and i almost fell into anorexia

 from the game food played with my mind

food food food then i starved to be perfect weight

i knew every time my gut grumbled with hunger i knew

i had say so in my life and then again i self distructed food

food there you were i got up to a size18 then i starved again

and got down to a size10 i still felted fat even as a size 10

but now food ive got to put you in your proper place in my life

i must eat to live and not live to eat. my friend

we must end this distructive affair .

food food food i now see you as nurrashment of my body

not my friend but food to keep me healthy..

food food food ....

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Food is difficult sometimes...<br />
I understand what you're going through.<br />