All my kisses are for you, if not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow then after
Kept for you alone, to take as you wish,in joy and sadness, tears and laughter
My lips are yours from here on out, my heart, my mind and soul follow along
Take me, all of me and let us run together to our very own song
Im waiting and Im wanting to feel what you have for me, I long
A small island with no one else on it, a wooded forest desolate and free
Either would be fine, just you and me and our many kisses under a tree
In a room set for romance filled with candles, that never misses
On a boat swaying with the water all alone, a pond, a lake or even the sea
Cuddled in a cave dark and cold, our kisses would warm us, we hold
Atop the crest of a grassy hill, watching the sunset with a kiss we steal
Under a bridge tucked out of sight, I would kiss you morning til night
Amongst the bushes in a park, along the highway after dark
Kissing you would give me pleasure, the thought of us my treasure
In the kitchen on the table at the door and yes even on the floor
Kissing you would be my dream a simple as it may seem
On the couch snuggled up, in the car, we won't get far
In bed for sure from head to toe, a kissing I would go
For all the times I picture kiss, and think of kisses past
I still wait to make more with you, hoping they will last
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
Dec 8, 2012