In A Land Far Far Away.

They call me a teenager. Or in other words foolish, stupid, disobedient. They believe that just because of my age, I'm somehow this inferior and brainless creature. And who are they? My parents, family, friends, sometimes even the world.

I'm the complete opposite of the people that are closest to me. That's not how it's supposed to work out right? Aren't we supposed to turn out like miniature versions of the people who raised us from birth? Sharing some of the same habits and favourite things?

No, instead, I feel like I'm the ying and they're the yang in this world. I can't relate to them. My entire family keeps to themselves and never want to advance, never want to learn...never want to..try? I'm the one always reaching for a goal, always yearning to grow and put a solid mark on this world. And the only thing they do is frown upon my actions. "You're a 'dura'," they say, which in Russian means idiot.

And my friends, it's kind of funny since I'm the one who became friends with them, don't even share the same interests as me. They've all gotten into harder drugs and gone down a road that..isn't me. So I linger behind. Waiting for something I don't even know.

I want to run away. To go somewhere far far far away. To a place where I have freedom, and for once.. am happy?

I feel like I've outgrown this bird's nest. But it's too early. I feel like I'm trapped, tied by a million little strings. Is there anything I can do?

bristledleaves bristledleaves
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

lol you sound like me. <br />
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im just gonna say do what you can. you're still young and a lot of adults dont take us teenagers seriously. id probably just not worry about them, do your own thing, find your passion(s), dedicate yourself and prove everyone wrong. you should try to make new friends that are in the same direction as you, maybe join a club or class to meet ppl with similar interests,