I Need To Escape.

What? I don't know. Where? Still clueless. Makes since alot of sense, and none at all. Maybe it is boring everyday life that I want to escape.Friends...maybe...it is them I want to escape. They are so much fun to be around, and sometimes I hate them. So confusing...

I love to be alone. I love to be with people. When I am with people, I long to be alone. When I am alone, I long to be with people. Maybe, it is confusion I want to escape? But, can't really escape that huh? We are nothing but a confused species, after all. Useless circles, we run in. We make war to have peace. We kill to save lives. We destroy to rebuild and then to destroy again. I could go on forever...but, I won't.

Since confusion is impossible to escape, with everyone hiding their true intentions...What is it? Maybe, it's the system of this word that I want to escape.

Bleh! I am tired of thinking. It' groups like this that give me a headache lol
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2011

This blew me away. this post right there. It's really cruel thoughts of this sort that leave u at dead end. You've posted that 2011. I don't know if you still maintain this thinking but i hope uve grown out of that. Don't expect to find the answer/meaning of the universe at one bite because its not one. <br />
Hope you find some good escapes (:

Thanks. :)

I'm with you....