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i feel so caged, so trapped clinging on by a thread. i nolonger smile and when i do its fake. i feel so alone like nobody truly can understand the pain i go through just trying to live my life. sometimes i image jumping and flying away or running away and never looking back. do not get me wrong but my life isn't bad. i have a good job, a good family and friends and somebody special but i feel thats not what i want. nothing makes me happy and i'm in a rut in my own confusions. i wonder if running away truly is the answer? for some reason i cling on to hope, hoping for another miracle.....
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22-25, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Sounds like you need an adventure!

lol i need a mega adventure!!!!! any ideas :D

hmmm lets see, it depends on your interests, passion/desire there are many things! maybe like roadtrip/camping/visiting exotic places and clubs something like that, but all combined! Maybe plan a trip with a best friend/s that would be great to reconnect. what are you thinkin now?