I Need Me Time

I have been with my guy three years come june and I love him a lot. We have three kids at home and I watch my grandson during the week. The problem I have is that no one sems to understand that I need me time and/or couple time without the children. They all so depend on me to do this and do that I wonder if they will ever make it out of the house. I clean the house (ok I have ocd) I do all the laundry I cook I bake and get no thank yous. All my kids just expect me to do it, in fact getting them just to do the little things put dishes away ad fold laundry pick up their floors is like puling a guy up by their testicles with a nail. I do not expect my boyfriend to lift a finger when it comes to the house because he is the bread winner and is gone most of the time. Lately it has all started to pile up and I feel like the world is crashing in on me. I can't even go to my room to escape and destress and then my guy wonders why I am a ticking time bomb. I would like to so badly escape to a deserted island where no one can find me.
mixedmutt53 mixedmutt53
May 22, 2012