A New Life

I'd be willing to bet the vast majority of us, likely all of us in this group, would love the opportunity to start a new life. The idea is very appealing, leaving all that weighs heavily upon us behind and starting over in a place where nobody knows you. Personally, I've long since had a strong desire to ditch society and live in the woods as a survivalist. In retrospect this seems like a very irresponsible and next to impossible goal to achieve as I am going on seven years in my marriage and have finally found a career which suits my antisocial needs quite well. All the same, I still have that desire to leave it all behind and become one with nature. Build myself a cabin in the deep forest and create a small self sustaining homestead. More than likely, this will forever just remain a dream. So what can I do to escape this mundane and materialistic greed driven society? How do I break free from the rat race?

I don't know the answers else I wouldn't be here now writing this post online. I've a computer technician and am reminded on a daily basis the impact technology and social media has dominated our allocation of time and resources. Personally, I am opposed to social networking as I value my privacy and don't care to see who's where and what they are doing 24x7 - honestly, you're not that important to me! If I had a chance to leave it all behind and set out on my own to live off the land and cut ties with society, I can't say I'd need to give it much thought. In my current existence, I am always seeking escape - I've medications to help dull my overactive nerves which certainly helps, but it's just a band-aid effect and never entirely effective. Unfortunately, I've reached a plateau where no legitimate doctor would prescribe me a stronger or larger dose of my sedative - and my tolerance has rendered it weak over the years.

I think today I will go for a walk. It's overcast out and the weather is pleasantly chilly, I could use the fresh air and perhaps allow my mind to wander along with my feet. The worst part about taking a walk is having to come home again at the end. Should I one day finally snap, maybe I'll just keep walking and find myself in the woods to fulfill that dream I've clung on to for so many years. On that note, I'm off to catch some fresh air and "unplug myself" if you will.

Thanks for the read, if you can relate or found my story interesting; please feel free to share your thoughts and comments!
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I am with you on dropping out of society and living off the land in a remote area. I have been reading a lot about the latest trend of off grid tiny houses and fantasize about building one on a large acreage that has field, woods, and water on it, then growing my own food, etc. My best time of day is getting up at 4:00 a.m. and spending a half hour sitting in a dark quiet bathroom. Kinda sick, huh? But it is peaceful!

So sorry that I did not read this before now,I am getting an understanding of where you are coming from. P