I Lost The Vibrancy.

I'm an artist. Color is everything. Every form of expression. I live in a world that is black and grey and white. I feel too far gone to go back. This void gets darker on a daily. I need to be free.
AnyaJaye AnyaJaye 18-21, F 4 Responses Jan 3, 2013

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@Waterfeet yes

Do you mean you are in a relationship that has had an affect on your creativity?

Fly! Where the cobalt mountains stretch as far as eye can see. Where the twin suns look down from the sky, one blinks jonquil yellow and the other emerald gleams. Their light filters trough the leaves of scarlet and ocher and sienna and falls into the sea that rocks the purple algae onto the golden sand.

"I live in a world that is black and grey and white". I loved this sentence and that's true when we shall be free ? simple question and difficult to answer.