What A Hell Of Life!!! Bullying, Depression, Etc.

I can't stand it no more. I need to escape from here. My life's horrible, I went thru bullying as a kid and now I'm super insecure, I don't like highschool, it's a massive control and they call my mom for no reason. I'll explain my life :P so here it goes: When I was a kid (3 years old to 8 or 9) I was super sociable, I had friends and was a really happy kid (I'm a girl, 14 years old) and had no problems nor anything but as I started growing older other kids rejected me for no reason and nobody wanted to go with me, I had no friends to play at the break time and blah blah. When I started 7th grade some bullies (2 or 3 boys and a girl) bullied me emotionally and I was alone and super depressed and I didn't know what to do with my life. 8th grade: Awesome, wonderful, it was the best grade of my life so I have nothing to say I had some good friends and people in my class were nice to me :) . But the problem comes this grade, 9th grade. Insecurity took power over me and depression came back, I'm super sad and I fear doing oral presentations, it's a torture, it's horrible. Well, I don't like the school's food so I don't eat there since 3 months ago, so the matter is that my teacher called my mom today and told her that I don't eat, when I got home my mom started quarreling me. My mom doesn't give me support, instead, she insults me and tells me really hurtful things, I wanna start my life again I wanna take a plane and go somewhere else, where there's people who will love me and support me.
This life is a massive control, I need FREEDOM!!!!!
P.S I'm going to a psychologist and I held my tears while writing it. :'( God helps me a lot and is always with me. What do you think about my story?
MarinaCarullaPastor MarinaCarullaPastor
Jan 22, 2013