Escaping/feeling trapped are archetypes of my existence.  It is what drives me subconsciously. 

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14 Responses Jun 12, 2007 are correct Darlene...upon death we will be freed from this horrible trap HAHA...okay I'm in one of those moods. In looking at the statement I wrote on this story I take it back. I don't think feeling trapped and escaping are what drive me. They are what holds me back.

Alright, everyone, we just need to focus here. We are not going to be trapped forever! Let's think positive!

sorry Maisie...I haven't been on EP much recently

I'm so in on this....I'm eyeing up the rooflight in this attic where I seem to be trapped for ever!

I feel the same way, trapped. But I'm hoping it is only temporary. So far, my escape has been non-exsistant. Help!!

LOL...sounds like a plan Maisie! What time should I swing by?

LOL...sounds like a plan Maisie! What time should I swing by?

oh well I just saw the person before me thought of the same book....good call!

Prayerwhisperer you are very wise...I think a well planned escape is really no escape at all...just a well thought out change....I read a book that sounds similar to your description...The Power of Now by Eckhart was a great read and I need to read it again. It talks a lot about how insane it is to constantly worry about the future (getting home, doing this, getting there) and the past while so rarely noticing what's going on right now.

I read this book...self help. And one of the things the author said was stay in the present. Stay with the experience. I tend to have trouble with that. At work sometimes I tend to drift off into some sort of fantasy land or thought. But the author said to experience life...truly experience it you have to stay with the present moment. It made sense to me and I'm working on that. I have a nasty habit of wanting escapism a little too much whether by my own thoughts or TV or movies or books. And while I don't think a little escapism is bad, a balance is probably crucial here. What y'all think? Anyone else struggle with that escapism thing? Plus I think to plan a "real escape" you have to be paying attention so you see an opportunity when it arrives.

you and me both!

Yeah it can be hard to not jump into a new adventure cause it may not be so great but I would do it. I think the escape is all in your mind least the feeling of being trapped is all in my mind and I create situations that reinforce the feeling. I think the more I recognize and talk about that, the more it will go away cause it won't be so subconscious anymore.

I'm planning on planning my escape ...but I was afraid of that...needing to escape the escape!lol

Like that song "going through the motions, of a scripted destiny, people going nowhere, expecting sympathy". I escaped, but now I'm thinking I got to escape this escape haha.