completely and Totally ...

completely and totally ...

i realize we all have burdens to bear but ... can't we at least dream of escaping them if only for a few moments?

i'm not sure where i'd go or what i'd do if i had a burden-free week but i can assure you it would be unforgettable regardless the price.

i never did want to grow up like most of my friends always talked about when i was young.  maybe because i was never much of 'kid.'  it just seems the older i get the more there is to life that is not enjoyable, that in fact is quite "icky."  (yeah, i said "icky")

such is life, eh?

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morbid- me like.

I second murder. We can call it crib death. *nod*

keep on with it, c. i'm listening and i'm open! not to mention a wee lil bit intrigued but i'll let you guess which option intrigues me. heheheeee

It's true, the older one gets, the more responsibility you have. The only thing we can hope for is that the ratio of good to bad at least remains 1:1. Here's to wishing you positive things that will make the negative things worth it!